Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My baby boy is 4!

No one pass out because I am posting.  Seriously.  I know you're excited, but settle down. :)

My camera broke, which is why I have no pictures, but don't ask how it broke because I'm slightly embarrassed about it.  Okay, okay, I'll tell you.  I had a stash of dark chocolate in my purse, and when I went to girl's camp a few months ago, I put my camera in there, too.  Well, in case you haven't heard, Texas summers are hot enough to melt things, and now my camera is full of melty, runny, chocolate.  Boo.

Anyway, my baby boy Jackson had his 4th birthday last week.  I can't believe he has gotten so big.  He makes us laugh every single day.  His latest thing is smells.  He's completely obsessed with them.  He'll walk around saying, "Mom, what's that smell?  It's broccoli!" or "Ew, it smells like toots!" or "What's that smell? I need to eat it."  It actually makes for some embarrassing moments when we walk into someone's house.  It can actually smell pretty good, but he'll act all disgusted and start asking everyone what the smell is. *sigh*

A couple other gems from the last week or two:

-- Heard from behind me, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!  Hey mom, I'm punching myself."

-- "Hey mom, I have a girlfriend.  But I don't know her name."

-- "I just burped - just like my daddy."

-- Jackson: "Mom, I am so sorry I was punching you in the face."
    Me: "What are you talking about?  You didn't punch me in the face."
    Jackson:  "Oh, well, never mind I guess."

 -- "I just sneezed out my butt!"

He has been loving his birthday presents.  He wears his new Spiderman outfit as much as possible.  He also got a remote control car from his Aunt Kelli that he thinks is pretty much the coolest thing he has ever come across.

He is also in a really part-time preschool.  He just goes a couple of times a week, for four hours each.  He loves it.  It makes him feel very grown up and important, like his big sister.

He loves anything that moves: cars, trucks, helicopters, trains, tractors, etc.  He has recently decided it's pretty awesome to jump off of furniture, which I'm sure our downstairs neighbors appreciate.  He has almost no desire in coloring or drawing.  He still loves food, which I doubt will ever change.  He can still eat as much as a grown adult.  His favorites are applesauce, yogurt, goldfish, and pretzels.  And you can usually get him to do what you want him to, if you can somehow convince him that Spiderman or Superman would do it.

He is the funniest, quirkiest, most loving little boy.  He knows I adore him and he milks it for all it's worth.  And I'm okay with that.  He may be 4, but he will always be my sweet baby boy.

I love you so much Jackson!