Monday, July 20, 2009

Just walking

Today I was looking back through some of my blog posts since coming here to Jerusalem. It reminded me of how simple our life is here. I love that aspect of moving out of the country. I love that we left so much of our "stuff" behind. I'm used to the bare walls and the lack of decor. I'm used to having no car and no dishwasher. I'm used to not being able to go to Walmart and getting whatever I need/want. Have I ever mentioned that I used to dream about it? For the first several months I was here I would have dreams about being home in the states and going shopping. In my dreams I would feel so relieved that I was done shopping in Israel and that I could get whatever I needed at any time. Then I would wake up. And I would spend the rest of the day longing for a Target. But those feelings and dreams have been gone for a while now.

Our Relief Society President in our branch here gave a talk last week about the pioneers. It was based off of a talk given by Virginia Pearce. She talked about how we grow up hearing all about the heroic moments in the lives of the pioneers who crossed the plains, but what we forget is that most of their time was spent walking. They most likely went through the same monotonous ritual each morning and each evening, spending countless hours walking in between. What mattered is that they KEPT walking. And although their slow pace must have seemed pretty routine to them, every inch, every step, every day had a purpose.

Even though it may sound exotic or exciting to be living a daily life in Jerusalem, most of our days are spent much the same as they would be anywhere. We play with our kids, get involved at church, have a few close friends, go to the park, and read our children stories before bed each night. We have days that are hard, and then there are days that are extra exciting. But like the primary song about the pioneers, we walk, and walk, and walk. We're on our own personal journey across the plains. This is just one leg of the trip.

And I'm enjoying it.

*Click here for a spiritual boost. And keep walking!


Shane and Geana said...

Thank You!!! I really needed that this Monday morning wondering about this mundane, laundry doing, chore accomplishing, summer school work finishing day. That talk was so inspiring for us moms and I thank you for leading me there.

Brooke Stoneman said...

The simple-ness is what I'm most looking forward to. See you in a few weeks!

taylor said...

Thank you :)