Monday, November 2, 2009

What we have been up to -- Jerusalem Center

Elder Holland and Elder Porter came.
There is nothing cooler than listening to an apostle speak in the Holy Land, overlooking the city where the first apostles once were.

The BYU-J students played Duck, Duck, Goose with my kids and made their day. (sorry about the horrible picture)

We also had a fantastic Halloween with good friends at the Center.  We decorated cookies, ate pizza, did a little parade through the cafeteria so the students could cheer and make the kids feel special, and of course some trick or treating to the senior couples and students' doors.  Joni and Jackson were the cutest Cinderella and biker dude you've ever seen.  Best Halloween ever.


Kristine said...

How cool to have Elder Holland there. And your little biker dude and Cinderella are so cute. Glad they got to get some candy.

Jared and Tara said...

cute costumes joni and jackson!

Brooke Stoneman said...

This is so nerdy, but the cropping on the Elder Holland picture is just great.

Megan G said...

Oh I'm jealous! Did you get to talk to them and stuff? Oh what cute costumes!