Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bethlehem Videos

I had the opportunity to go to Bethlehem again this past Sunday. I know these are not the greatest quality videos (they seem to be even worse once I upload them to blogger), but I figure it gives you a better idea of something than just a still photo.

This first one is inside the Church of the Nativity which is a church built up on top of the stable/cave where Christ is thought to have been born...

This second one is of a Mosque across the plaza from Manger Square (the bldg straight ahead with the tower). They were playing the call to prayer, so I quickly turned on my video so you could hear what it's like...

More to come from my visit there.

(my apologies to Brooke who was an innocent bystander in the making of these videos)

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Megan G said...

Wow it still seems so unreal that you are there!