Monday, October 18, 2010

Joni's thoughts

A conversation I had with Joni today....

Joni:  You know, mom, when Heavenly Father gives you goals, you have to use them really good or He will take them away.

Amy:  What do you mean goals?

Joni:  You know, like, when Heavenly Father gives you something like how He gave me a good memory.  Or if you're good at ballet or you know, doing stuff.

Amy:  Oh, you mean talents?

Joni:  Yes, talents.  When Heavenly Father gives you goals and talents, you better use them because if you don't, He'll take them away.

Amy:  Where did you learn that?

Joni:  *rolling eyes* Well, they should be teaching me that at school, but they didn't so they had to teach me at church.


Devon said...

LOL she's so practical. Love it!!

Anderson Family said...

Joni cracks me up (I can just hear that conversation in my mind). :) Too much fun!

Aunt Pam

Cyndy said...

Yes, Joni, they should be teaching you that at school, but you're right, they don' thank goodness for church!