Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heritage Park and Gateway

Tom has been home all week because of work, while I've been partying with the fam. Poor Tom. He chuckles when I tell him each day what we're doing. He says, "You know, you guys are taking what your family would normally do in an entire year, and cramming it all into one week while Ted is here." He's right, and it's been fun!

Today we went to Heritage Park (This is the place monument) in Salt Lake. Aside from the monument itself, it has a huge pioneer village. It would take days to really see everything, so we had to pick and choose.

The two Joni's

Joni riding her first horse. It was so stinkin' cute! Daddy would have been proud!

There was a little train that went around a pond. All the little kids loved it. Tanner could sense that I was a little worn out from not having Tom's help, so he kept offering to help out. He took Jackson on the train, and he seemed to enjoy it (minus the tunnel). As they were pulling away, Chelsey pointed out how funny it looked from behind - all these little kids riding away, with all 6'1" of Tanner...okay, maybe you had to be there, but it really was funny.

Above the "ZCMI store" there was a hat shop of pioneer hats. Tanner somehow managed to find a big bee hat that flapped its wings when you pulled the string. Not very pioneer-ish, but funny nonetheless.

While I was off rushing Joni to a nearby ladies' room, someone grabbed my camera and snapped a couple funny ones of Jackson in the hat shop. It relieves me to know that if he ever had to pull the look off of a trapper, he could do it - no prob.

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