Friday, July 11, 2008

The "Rio" and a splash-pad

For our last day with Ted's family, we went to Cafe Rio and a park/splash-pad out near Andrea's house. Joni loved it! I plan on taking her out there some more while we're living with mom and dad.

Ava, Kendall, Joni, and Abby having a little girls' time at Cafe Rio. For those of you who may not know, Cafe Rio is my all-time favorite place in the entire universe to eat. I pretty much hate the idea of not being able to get it while in Israel. Tom's boss's wife (who has lived in Jerusalem herself) handed Tom 20 bucks the other day and said, "You take your wife to Cafe Rio before you go. Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't." We don't mind following orders. :)

Tanner with Daniel and Jackson at the splash-pad.

Joni running around, looking adorable in her little swimsuit.

This picture is for Aunt Megan. She wanted to see a picture of Jackson's teeth. He now has three, with about five more bulging underneath his gums.
(Meg-click on it to see the "teefies" up close)


HoopTroop said...

OHHHH Cafe Rio Memories!!!

Megan said...

Amy I can never go to Cafe Rio and not think of you! You were the first one to ever introduce me to it... I think my freshman year.

I love Joni's swimsuit!!

OHH JACKSON! Love those teefies! Gosh that kid is growing up! It makes me sad that you guys are so far away (and going even FARTHER away)... I wish Shaun David and Jackson could be little bud buds all the time. Oh and I think I've told you this before Amy, but I swear Jackson is looking more and more like you. Sorry Tom.

Lori said...

I love that splash pad you are at! We just went there the other day and it is sooo nice! I have never been to Cafe Rio, I guess we will have to try it out.

Amy J. said...

You know I love The Rio! It's my fav. Where are you now? Are you living with your mom yet? Call me, we'll do The Rio! I now I have a blog too. Just started it yesterday so it's nothing wonderful like your's yet. I'm working on it. Seriously, I want to hang while you're living here! Since I won't see you for a while, I need to juice up on some Baldee time. Remember juicing up at Coke World in Vegas...GOOD TIMES!!

Chad and Kristine said...

Oh I remember heading to Cafe Rio in St. George. Oh those were the days. I have to say that we were addicted. What fun memories.