Sunday, January 18, 2009

A few important questions....

Question: What is Jackson attempting to do here?

1) Tell me he doesn't want any more broccoli

2) Signaling he wants a hug or a "love"

3) Trying out to be Anakin in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Answer: #2 - beggin' for a "love". Don't believe me? Pssh. I'm serious.

Question: What happens shortly after Joni gets done shaking her thang?

1) Tells me her new get-up is not loud enough.

2) Tells me she's glad she's inheriting her dance skills from me instead of dad, because when dad dances it's scary.

3) Complains of a major side-ache and whines about it for hours.

Answer: #3 - she whined and whined. But dang, that girl can move it (then I told her #2 - it's sad but true).

Question: What's weird about this video?

1) We're in a car

2) Jackson's hair is really short

3) I make some unrecognizable noise, all for the sake of a good Jackson giggle.

Answer: All of the above.


Jared and Tara said...

i love the dancing video! who cut jacksons hair? it looks great!

Megan said...

Dang Jo Jo shake your booty girl! I love that jingly jangly scarf. Jackson's "I want a love" face is hilarious!!! How are the girls going to resist that??

Chad and Kristine said...

My daughter Savannah thought that was a 'cute shakey, shakey dance.' She also really liked her dress up dress. :)

Taylor said... I just laughed for like half an hour! You seriously have the cutest and funniest kids. I love reading all your posts and seeing pictures. :)