Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gan has started!

Well, Joni has officially started kindergarten here (called gan - sounds like "gone").  She has had two days of it so far, and *most* of it has gone well.

First, she had a back-to-school night the night before where she got to see her classroom and meet some of the kids.  Just before that we had a "special dinner" just for Joni.  I let her pick what she wanted to eat and she chose pancakes and soda.
I'm mean and I made her eat eggs first. But she was so thrilled to have a fancy glass of orange soda, she didn't seem to care too much. :)

One of the boards in her classroom.  All in Hebrew of course.  The blue sign says, "Shalom to all".  I assume the little ties on the kites have the childrens' names, but I wouldn't know.  I'm illiterate here.

 Joni's first first-day-of-school picture.  She's right outside our apartment.

 Out on the sidewalk in front of the gan.  We go through a huge gate, then down three sets of stairs to get to it.

 After school I took her to the mall to get a new dress, which turned into a new dress, a balloon, and a soda.  She was on cloud nine.  While we were sitting there chatting we had a pause in the conversation.  She then asked, "So how was your day, mom?"  To which I replied, "Actually, it's been a very, very good day!"  She responded, "Yeah mom, that's because you got to spend the day with ME!" :) So true.

 Here is a highly requested picture of inside her classroom this morning (your welcome, mom).  Joni runs straight over to the fish when she gets there.

As far as her adjustment has gone, it hasn't been too bad so far.  She doesn't seem to mind that her teacher doesn't speak any English.  She just follows what the other kids do.  There is one other little girl in the class that speaks English, although I'm not sure that will be a purely positive experience for her.  Apparently today the other girl really hurt Joni's feelings.  So all through this afternoon Joni has been telling me that she can't go to school tomorrow because now that she doesn't like her new friend, she won't have anyone to play with and she will be "SOOO bored!".  I keep telling her that tomorrow will be better.  I hope it is!

I'm so proud of Joni.  Starting school is a big adjustment for any child, let alone starting school in a foreign country and in a foreign language.  She's so brave. 


Devon said...

I'm glad she's doing well so far. Sweet girl! She really is brave. I think as adults we would whine and hem and haw but she just seems to be taking it in stride.

I want to hear all about this. Keep updating us!

Elisabeth said...

What a beautiful, brave little girl. Joni is such a sweetheart! Mike and I were talking the other day, and we really look up to you and Tom. We've decided that Tom is a candidate for one of the 70 or an apostle. You are so obedient to the spiritual promptings you recieve and we hope to follow in your righteous foot-steps. Thank you for being such a great example of faith and perserverence through tough and stressful times. We love all of you. What an amazing adventure you're on- so uplifting!

Crookshanks said...


Omi and Abba are so proud of you. We Can't wait to hear all about your new school.


PS How do you say "joni" in Hebrew?

taylor said...

Go Joni! What a brave little girl! I hope she has a really great experience :)

Jared and Tara said...

joni, you look so pretty and grown up! i'm glad the first few days went well. keep up the good work! you're so brave. :)

Megan G said...

Little Jo Jo going to school, I can't believe it! I almost cried when I looked at those pictures. I'm glad you posted the pics of her in her classroom too. It looks like fun and I hope she's still enjoying it. Is it weird to be just you and Jackson at home now, Amy?