Sunday, September 6, 2009

My baby boy Jackson is 2!

Two years ago today I went in to get my second c-section.

Two years ago today I heard Jackson's cry for the first time.

Two years ago today I became the mommy of a handsome little boy.

Two years ago today my heart doubled in size to fit the love I have for my sweet little man.

blow candels



He had a great day today (despite that horrible looking cake - don't even ask).  We didn't even get through all of his presents, he was having so much fun playing with the first few.  I love this little boy more than I ever thought I could.



Kelli Colleen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!! I miss you sooooooo much!

Jared and Tara said...

happy birthday jackson! you are such a cutie!

Devon said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson!!! He is darling!

I had no idea Jackson and Dakin were so close in age...Dakin will be 2 at the end of October.

Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! Woohoo!

Amy S. said...

Devon, I didn't realize that either! What a strong, special little boy you have. Be sure and post about his b-day, too. I'll be looking forward to it. :)

Crookshanks said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson! We can't believe that its been a year since we last saw you. We hope you had a great day.

Abba and Omi

Kristin Aiello said...

Happy Birthday, little man. It is so fun having a funny crazy two year old around.

by the way, I really would like to hear your funny story behind the cake.

Megan G said...

Happy Birthday little guy! I remember the day I got that video text of you just born... has it really been almost 2 years?!