Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy day for a sick kid

So, Jackson has been sick for a while now and we're pretty sure he has the swine flu, or the regular flu, or just a really crappy miserable sickness.


As we woke up early this morning to his cry (a.k.a screech), Tom ran to get him. As Tom carried him into our room, Jackson was talking up a storm to Tom. He was looking at Tom's recently grown beard, and he had a LOT to say about it. A lot of it was jibber-jabber, but he was definitely worked up about Tom's facial hair. As Tom handed him to me he said, "Boy, Jackson really doesn't like my new beard. Geez."

Feeling self-conscious, Tom goes in to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror. Much to his dismay, he sees a long gooey streak of Jackson snot going from one side of his beard to the other. After gagging, he realized THAT'S what Jackson was talking about. He wanted Tom to know that he had just wiped his nose... on his FACE. Gross.

Jackson has a bit of a temper when he's sick. Everything makes him mad. This morning while sitting on our bed with his little baggie of pretzels, something ticked him off. He grabbed the baggie by a bottom corner and swung it around over his head like a lasso, as about 50 pretzels go flying in every possible direction.

I also caught him "combing" his hair today with my foot pumice. Niiiiice.

He won't let us take off the shirt we put on him yesterday morning after his bath. He screams and arches back if we try. He may grow old in that shirt.

And he probably watched five movies today. But with a face like this, what else ya gonna do?

sick buddy


taylor said...

That sounds like how I am when I get sick. Good thing I don't get sick much :)

sstar said...

That is so funny! Only bcause, well, youknow. I don't have to deal with it!