Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Views

A friend and I walked the Old City Ramparts recently.  

So. Dang. Cool.

*Ahem* Part one: I give you the walls themselves and some new views of Jerusalem outside the Old City walls (I assume we all know by now that Jerusalem's Old City is surrounded by walls... life inside the Old City and outside the walls are quite different).

The current ramparts were rebuilt in the 1500's.  Practically new by Holy Land standards.  It was cool to see what the "old" walls were like up close.


Not only that, but...


...it allowed us to see some amazing views of modern-day Jerusalem, as well.  The above picture is West Jerusalem outside Jaffa Gate.

 This view shows the north end of East Jerusalem where we live.

The tower on the upper left is the Hebrew University campus that Tom goes to.  The building in the distance on the right is the BYU Jerusalem Center.  The beautiful building that stands out in the middle is the Rockefeller Museum.

  East Jerusalem. 
The wall up on the right side of the horizon is the separation wall cutting right through it.

Stay tuned, folks.  I also have about a billion pictures I took of the Old City on our little walk.  Okay, it wasn't a little walk.  We walked for hours and I barely had enough energy to blink by the time we were done.  But nothing beats walking the Ramparts.

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Kristine said...

Man I need to live there and WALK everywhere. It would help me to shed those holiday pounds gggrrrr.