Friday, July 23, 2010

Lovin' this place

Today the kids learned what a lawn mower is.  Even Joni, who is almost 6.

Jackson kept yelling, "It's a big truck!" (it was a big commercial riding mower)
"No Buddy, it's a lawn mower."
"Ohhh, lawn mower......  look mom, it's a big truck!"

Joni also keeps asking where all the people are.  When we get in the car and start driving down the long country road to go into town, she'll often ask, "So where did all the people go?" or "Where is everyone? Are we the only ones here?"  Life feels quite solitary here.

I've discovered something about myself.  I love to drive 25 miles an hour in my parents' small town.  This isn't something I've ever enjoyed before, but I do now.  It's so slow and relaxed.  Nobody rides my tail, or swerves around me, or honks if I don't go exactly how fast they think I should be going.  If someone does happen to be out, or if I see another driver, they wave and smile.  It's fantastic.

And I still love WalMart.  I still can't help but think that they are giving their milk away - $1.78 people!  How are they making money?  $0.68 for a can of white northern beans?  It just makes me smile.  I love the cute little old people who greet you when you go in, and tell you to have a nice day when you leave.  I always reply with a big smile and a nice comment back.  It makes me sad that they often look surprised.  I think people ignore them most of the time.  I know I used to.  Not any more.

Yesterday I drove a little extra and went up to the Brigham City WalMart with Joni.  It's such a beautiful drive.  Huge rocky mountains to one side, with Willard Bay on the other.  If I lived here, I would make that drive once a month just to enjoy the scenery.

I'm excited to move to Texas, but for now I am enjoying the beauty of Utah.  How silly that I lived here most of my life and I'm just seeing it for the first time.  

My kids with some of their cousins happily eating corn dogs for lunch on the back lawn.


Josh and Gloriana said...

i just love reading all of these posts about your kids re-discovering american things! It makes me want to pay more attention to the conveniences and blessings i have :)

Brooke said...

Oh, we love you guys.

Beth said...

Thanks for the shout out to the Brigham WalMart. (my hometown)

I am so so so sad I missed you while you were here. Please come back to visit soon. I will NOT be out of town, I promise.