Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 53 of moving

That last post was written Monday night even though it wasn't posted until last night because our internet is still touch-and-go.

So it's two days later and things are going a little better.  Tom has been at orientation all day yesterday and today, so I've been trying to get "manly" things done on my own.  I went to Lowe's yesterday and bought all the parts I needed for the washer and dryer, and then I spent waaaaay too much time hooking it all up.  It is finally done, and I did it all by myself (if you don't count the 300+ calls I made to my dad - thanks dad!).  I even wired on a new power cord for the dryer because the old one didn't reach.  I am successfully washing and drying clothes at this very moment.  Holla!

I must also apologize for the horribly outdated header on my blog, and let y'all know it will probably be a while before I have time to change it.  If I was rich I would pay some hot-shot blog designer to make me a new one, but we all know that isn't the case.

On another random-info-front, I think my big toes hate me.  You see, a YEAR ago I somehow managed to kill the toenail on my left foot after a rigorous day of site seeing.  It never fell off, so it has been slowly growing out.  After a YEAR of pain, I realized last week that it had finally stopped hurting.

Then yesterday in a Target parking lot as I was hurrying to put the kids and shopping sacks in the car, I kicked the little bar on the shopping cart with my right foot and it HURT.  I looked down a couple minutes later because the pain wasn't going away, and blood was oozing out from underneath the big toenail.  So now I get to start all over with the other foot.  Maybe a year from now I can slam my whole foot in a sliding glass door.

And although I like to make fun of crappy things in my life, I have to say that I am so grateful for all the good. I occasionally have moments where this place feels very unfamiliar and weird to me (Texas could NOT be more opposite from Israel), but then I remember that all of Tom's dreams are coming true.  We couldn't have mapped out his school path any better.  The Lord has worked miracles for us over and over again.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the shy submissive type.  I will admit I have a few feisty bones in my body.  So it must be known that I don't just submissively follow this unconventional path with Tom secretly wishing we were doing something else.  I feel just as driven to follow this path as he does - in fact, I think sometimes I feel it even more.

We are where we are supposed to be, I am sure of it.  If I lose a few toenails along the way, so be it.

New day, but same movie, same clothes, and a little bit different surroundings, including a wet towel to soak up a spilled drink.  I think he also has spilled milk all down the front of him from breakfast.  Don't be jealous of my awesomeness as a mom. ;)


Jared and Tara said...

i'm so impressed you hooked up the washer and dryer on your own! and you ARE an awesome mom. i can't even count the amount of times eva's worn the same clothes 2 days in a row. sometimes because she insists on wearing it again and sometimes because it's the least dirty looking. :)

Brooke said...

You did not! (hook up the washer and dryer by yourself) That is AWESOME. Your fiesty-ness is my favorite part.

Meg said...

Welcome to Austin! Let me know if you need anything. What part of town did you end up in?
MommaMegs from the LDS board.

Kristin Aiello said...

Oh, my word!!! I am proud to call you my sister for so many reasons, but now I can add that washer/dryer hook up to the list. After what I have been going through for the last two weeks of decision making and then packing, I starting to understand a little of your life, minus the Jerusalem part.

Kristin Aiello said...

From Frank: Don't worry Amy. Five more years of this, Tom gets his degree and then you are on easy street. :)

Megan G said...

Amy? Fiesty?? I don't believe it...