Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel......


And tired.

Scratch that – let's say exhausted. Yeah, that feels right.

Since leaving Jerusalem at the end of June, we have been living the nomad life. We've laid our heads in several different places – St. Louis, Ogden, Mora, Manassa, then back to Mora again. Then we made the trek across Texas and arrived here in Austin last week with the mighty generous help of Tom's mom, Cyndy (or as the kids call her, Omi). She is officially given the title of saint-hood, says me. I think you all should agree.

After staying in a crap-hole hotel for a few days (sorry, mom, there's no other way to put it), we decided on a nice little apartment on Friday.

It felt right. I love that.

But our semi trailer couldn't get here for three more days, so we made a trip to WalMart and spent what seemed like a fortune on annoying things like an air mattress (that didn't work – boo!), towels, and paper plates.

We've been living off of Easy Mac, corn dogs, and cereal. Oh, and let's not forget the all luxurious McDonald's.

Moving our stuff into the apartment today has been slow. Did y'all know that the heat index here is a steady 110 degrees?!? Now you know why my first statement is as true as it could possibly be.

We've lost binkies, raised our voices way too much, and eaten all of our meals sitting on the kitchen floor.

We have no idea how to hook up our washer and dryer, and I have MOUNTAINS of laundry to do.

Worst of all, I can't remember for the life of me whether or not I've brushed my teeth today.


April said...

Oh Amy... ya'll are such troopers & well on your way to saint-hood also. Fill me in on more details once things calm down. Miss you much.

Kristine said...

Sound like things are slowing coming into place. I have to agree humidity is gross. I will keep my 115 dry AZ heat any day compared to TX. Just think of unpacking as an early Christmas since most of your stuff you haven't seen in a while right?

Megan G said...

SO glad you guys find a place and so QUICKLY too. You are my hero, Amy. Tell Tom good luck with his orientations and such.