Monday, January 24, 2011

Jackson moment(s)

I just found a newly purchased bottle of strawberry jam on the floor in the kitchen.  About one-third of it was gone, and there was a spoon in it.  I asked Jackson if he had been eating the jam with a spoon, and he said, (in an annoyed voice, rolling his eyes), "No, mom!  I was just drinking it!"


As I was typing this, Jackson grabbed my glass of cherry limeade Crystal Light, put both hands in it, then sprinkled it all over the kitchen floor.


As I was carrying him to think-time, he said, "Yeah, mom, take me to think time.  That will help me feel better."

He cracks me up!


Jared and Tara said...

i wonder if i renamed "time out" "think time" if i would get a nice response like that!

and about the jam...i wonder if eaten in that quantity if it counts as a serving of fruit. maybe he's on to something.....

Devon said...

I think I should rename time out too!!

What a cute boy!!!