Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep talking

I inherited the weird trait of sleep talking from my Grandma.  It was pretty bad when I was a kid, and I remember waking up many times to the sound of my sister, Kristin, laughing her little tushy off.  She loooved to get me all confused and riled up in my sleep for her own personal amusement.

Well, this time it was Tom's turn to be confused.  I was just sitting here at my computer, doing a bunch of emails for church stuff.  I realized I didn't know what the Priest's quorum called their youth class presidency.  Tom was sleeping on the couch next to me, so I "woke" him up to ask him if he knew.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  Tom, do the Priests call their youth class advisors a class presidency like the Laurels do?
Him:  Well..... (after a long pause, he starts talking in his official, professor-type voice).... doesn't it have more to do with the weather than it does with the whole timing of everything?
Me: (*laughing hysterically*) Huh?  Do you know what my question was?
Him:  Yes.  It was about the ultimate destruction of this planet.

I'm still laughing.  Now I know why Kristin always thought it was so amusing.



Devon said...

HA!!!! That's hilarious!!!!!!!!

Stacey Wright said...

I totally forgot you do that!

Brooke said...

AAAhhh!! I love it. It's like when Max said "Shouldn't we be making weapons" in his sleep once.


Kristin Aiello said...

In my defense, I didn't do anything to try to confuse you. I was just trying to go along with what you were talking about. But it ended up so freaking fun that I couldn't help laughing my tushy off. I am sitting her laughing just remember how mad you would get when you wake up to my laughing. Those were the days...