Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two New Haircuts

I decided to cut a few inches off my hair the other day and get some highlights. When I got home Joni looked... I don't know... shocked, I guess. She asked, "Mamma, what did you do to your hair?" It made me nervous because she didn't sound very pleased. So I asked, "I got a haircut. Is it pretty or not pretty?" She said, "It's pretty! Can I get a haircut, too?" So the next day I took the plunge and cut it myself. Her hair stays nice a LOT longer when it's shorter.

This is within minutes of cutting it, and she was dying to pose for the camera. She was dancing and jumping all over the couch yelling, "Pose! Pose! Pose!"- all while doing various random poses (she learned that from her cousin Ava and it's pretty cute).

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Love the new do's!! You're a brave soul to take so much off, but it looks terrific!