Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's have a party!!!

We decided to have a big get-together on Saturday in celebration of Tom's graduation. We ordered some BBQ from Goodwood and went to a beautiful park up Provo Canyon. I thought I'd post a few of the pictures. I feel bad because there are several people that I either didn't get pictures of, or I did and they didn't turn out too well. Everyone there included, Sowards: Mom, Dad, Megan, Tim, Shaun David, Tara, Jared, Eva, Kelli, Emma, Keith, Rachelle, Taylor, Daniel, Mommer, and Popper. Balderrees: Mom, Dad, Becky, Mike, Malia, Adam, Grace, Hyrum, Gabe, Andrea, Tony, Ethan, Seth, Ava, Lilly, Kristin, Abby, and Daniel. Thank you, everyone, for coming! It meant a lot to us that so many people would take so much time out of their day to come celebrate with us. It was good to see everyone!

Cyndy, Tom, Keith, Mommer.

Abby, Joni, Ava, and Emma.

Andrea, Mom, Tony, Lily, Kristin, Daniel.

Mommer, Popper, and Tom.

I would actually like to post some more pictures later on when I get them from my dad. So hopefully there is more to come.


Sarah said...

Oh, so jealous! How fun to have so much family in one place!! Congratulations, to Tom, as well- I'm sure you're both heaving a huge sigh of relief that this chapter of your lives is over and are getting ready to take a big, deep breath as you prepare to plunge into the next. Good luck with it all!!!

Jared and Tara said...

it was SOOO much fun! we really miss you guys. i'm already looking at plane tickets. :)

The Peters Family said...

I found your blog from Megan's and I'm so happy Tom's graduated! I graduated with Tom in h.s. and all of his friends back in 'bama love him. There are always Tom stories that come up when we are all together.
You have a beautiful family!