Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Y'all wanna hear about my big accomplishment today? Okay, well maybe it's a small accomplishment...no, I'm stickin' with big. Are you ready?

I took the kids to the grocery store, all by myself.

Not impressed? Wondering why I've been here a month and I'm just getting around to venturing out on my own to pick up some grub?

Well, there's a few different reasons, so allow me to explain.

First of all, there's a little thing called a language barrier. I'm scared, yes scared, of people who don't speak English. I never know who does and who doesn't, so I am always nervous to talk to people. I've tried the smile and nod thing in order to give a little "hello", but they give me blank, annoyed stares. So I decided it's because I'm not saying anything. I started smiling, nodding, and saying, "shalom", but I still got nothing. So now I am left scared to ask anyone a question, don't know what to say when Joni accidentally flails herself at a stranger while dancing in the grocery store isle, or when the cashier jibber-jabbers something to me. But today I mustered up a response to the cashier lady, in Hebrew, thank you very much.

Second, until this morning I have not had a University ID. This can be a huge problem because we have guards at our entrance who check your ID every time you walk in. I've been too scared to risk getting out, and not getting back in. Alone, on the streets of Israel, by myself - not appealing.

Third, we have no car, which means I'm pushing two kids to the grocery store (mostly uphill), and then two kids plus sacks of food back home from the grocery store - and then up a flight of stairs. I kept worrying that I wouldn't be able to juggle it all.

But the time has come. I know it's something I have to do almost every day for the next two years, so today's trip to Mr. Zol's was the first of MANY.

And I did it.

Now I just have to tackle my abnormally freakish fear of whales and spiders, and I'm all set.

Speaking of accomplishments, Jackson has one of his own. As you can see from the picture below, he's beaming with pride.

He managed to climb into the closet, throw all of Tom's shoes out, turn around, and sit with his feet dangling...all by himself.

Grandma Joni and Omi Cyndy, you should be proud.....big day in the Sowards' house.


Lori said...

I think that is a big accomplishment! I would be scared to go by myself also under all those condiitons. Way to go Amy! I love your stories!

Taylor said...

I can hardly even imagine what you're going through! I must say, I am proud! (And you should be proud of yourself) :)

Shaun and Cyndy said...

I definitely think that qualifies as a big accomplishment...maybe as even two or three. And if it makes you feel any better, I get those blank stares from people I try to give a friendly smile and "hello" to....and I live in America! (I guess I have a stink-eye for a face, as Shaun says about himself.) And way to go Jackson....what was your dad thinking, putting all of his shoes into your play house? Honestly, Amy, I think you are handling this all amazingly well.


Megan said...

Congrats, Amy! I know that must feel great to know you can do something that would make most of us cry just thinking about!

Jared and Tara said...

shoo at least you TRY to talk. i'd probably just pretend to be mute. congrats to little jackson and to you for your new accomplishments!

Erin said...

I have been reading your blog lately and all I can say it you are quite a woman. My hat goes off to you. I think you are the NICEST wife in the whole world. You moved to Isreal for Tom to finish school. I know that I could never do the things you are doing. I think leaving your home is a HUGE accomplishment let alone the grocery store. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!