Friday, November 21, 2008

Garden Tomb and a shout-out

Most of all, this is a shout-out to my dad. He'll be going in for surgery soon, and I can't stop thinking about him. Joni and I were able to talk to him yesterday over Skype. It's a little weird to see him all hooked up to machines in a hospital, but it was SO good to talk to him. Joni and I promised him we would post some pictures of the Garden Tomb so he would have something to look at and keep him busy, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Here is a video of us walking from the Old City, up to the Garden Tomb entrance. It was extra crowded that day because it was Friday, which is the "Day of Gathering" (prayer) for Muslims.

You can see Tom there on the right turning up the walkway that goes up to the entrance.

Joni at the entrance into the garden.

There are pathways that circle around the garden. So when you walk in, you circle up to the right first, which leads to Golgotha. Then you come back down and circle through here to walk across the garden to get to the tomb.

A little video of me walking up to Golgotha. The Call to Prayer starts in the background, along with Jackson saying, "Wassaaat?"

There are little scriptures posted throughout the garden.

Looking down on the Tomb, with tourists lined up to take turns going in.

An ancient olive press, right there in the garden.

Just Jojo chillin' on some steps outside the tomb.

Outside the Tomb door (taken by a guy we ran into that's from Huntsville and taught my sister seminary at Weber High...small world).

Taken from inside the Tomb, looking out.

Dad, you're probably going into surgery as I'm posting this. Joni is so excited to show you these pictures. Hopefully they can put a smile on your face as you are in the hospital recovering.

We're praying for you!!!


Amy J. said...

OK! WHOA! I haven't checked your blog in a couple days and now when I do I read about your dad! Man!! You bet I'll be pray'n. We all love the Balderree parents!
I hope he's doing well. If I can do anything for your parents, I totally will, just say the word. Since I live like 5 minutes away I can totally help them out with whatever. I'M SERIOUS!
Please let me know how he's doing and I'll keep up the prayers! Love ya!!

Megan said...

Amy let us know how the surgery went. He's been in our prayers every day.

sstar said...

Ok - so I love to see pictures of your cute kids!! I will always have a special place in my heart for Joni - and I'm still sad to see other faces when I hear someone in the parking lot. And Jackson - is so big and handsome!! But when I see pictures of you I just cry. So ... no more pics of you on your blog. Just stick to the kids. ...Kidding. :) It's nice to see you.