Sunday, November 2, 2008


I officially miss the celebrating of American holidays. It's just not that same when no one understands why your baby is dressed up like a lion. We went to playgroup (for expats) Friday morning, which had a Halloween theme, and as we were approaching the house, a very cute little Arab man asked us who's birthday it was. We explained it's an American holiday, Halloween, and that kids dress up. He asked if it's a religious holiday or a government holiday...I think all three of us moms chimed it at the same time, "It's not religious!" We can't have them thinking we're too weird.

So Joni had two costumes, since she was having a hard time choosing between her two options. In the morning for playgroup she was a ballerina.

On the way there - one very excited girl. Luckily, my friends actually have cars, so we do catch a ride occasionally.

Here Jackson is trying to escape in his lion costume. I didn't get any great pictures of him...blurry and such, but I'll include these two.

Someone brought a pinata, I think straight from Mexico. Fantastic idea - the kids loved it!

Here is Joni's second costume - medieval princess. We went to a friend's house to carve "pumpkins" (or the closest thing we could come up with), and Joni sported this get-up...
(Just being a proud mommy and showing off her awesome 'do)

All of us at the Myers' house, showing off our "pumpkins". Bro. Fitzgerald, the Crawfords, us, and the Myers. Tom was mighty proud of his Cyclops - that's so Tom, right?

Emptying our giant pumpkin. I think she took two little slops out and was done. She likes to be clean too much to deal with such messy matters.

The cute kiddies - Jackson, Joni, Claire, Zoe, Benji, and Eli.


Megan said...

Oh I love Jackson's little lion paws! Where did you get the costumes?

Shaun and Cyndy said...

Emma was a Medieval Lady for Halloween...great minds think alike. I am totally impressed with the up-do! I thought I was doing good to put my child's hair on hot rollers! Both grandkids looked so sweet. It sounds like you were able to celebrate as much as we did here. We had very few trick or treaters going from house to house. I'm not sure why, the weather was very nice. And yes, the Cyclops is so Tom. It reminds me of the time Emma dressed Maddy up as Cerbius by sticking two Beanie Babies through her collar!

Cameron, Shannon Voge said...

What a cute lion costume!!!!