Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Look what we have!

A tree!!!

Our friends, the Crawfords, called a couple of nights ago and said they had a special delivery. They had gotten a hold of an extra Christmas tree and decided to bring it over to us! We were soooo excited! They had even strung some popcorn, dried some orange and apple slices, and included a string of lights and an origami star. They are gems, I tell ya. Oh, and the Branch Presidency had even sent along a stocking full of treats for us. So now we have a tree AND a stocking! Happy day!

As you can see, Jackson loved the popcorn. I had to give him his own little section to munch on because he kept trying to eat the ones that were for the tree. I guess edibles on the tree and a 15 month old who is ALWAYS eating are bound to cause some troubles. :)

Joni starting on the ornaments, with Jackson carrying around his popcorn in the background. My kids were very happy campers.

Tom trying to put the origami star on top, but it wasn't going so well. We finally just taped it to the wall up at the tip of the it's not exactly hooked to the actual tree. Shh...don't tell.

The finished product with two very happy kids in front of it.

We used Jackson's adorable blanket from Tom's cousin, Haley, for the tree skirt and it worked great. Lisa had even figured out a way to use an empty formula can as a tree stand. See? It all works out!

Jackson kept trying to eat the fruit slices and yank the popcorn strands off. I think he's finally given up on that, though.

We are ready for Christmas now!!!


Sarah said...

What a terrific surprise! The tree looks great. Oh, and I really like your new blog background- super cute!

Taylor said...

I love that the simplest things can bring such great joy! And I'm with Sarah - love the new background! :)