Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I looooooove my sisters. I girl couldn't ask for better sisters than mine.

(by Rick Mobbs)

That's all. You can go about your day now.


gbug29 said...

might I say Amen. I have been blessed with two wonderful sisters, that I am thankful for everyday. If I only get to raise boys, at least I have sisters to have later in life.

Sara said...

Awe, that's a sweet picture. I love my (one) sister too.

I just popped by to say that I'm glad we squeezed a comment out of you! Thanks for the nice words- I hope you can find stuff in Jerusalem (how cool is that?) to make the dip. If you can't, it's very flexible and you could totally substitute other cheeses etc. I play around with it a lot and it's always good. Happy New Year!


Crookshanks said...

I love my sisters too. I love the picture...there are four of us girls, too.


Megan said...

That makes me want to bust out the "sister" song from White Christmas...