Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My poor senses!

As Tom and I were walking around the city a few days ago, we started talking about the things that encapsulate the experience of day-to-day living in Jerusalem.....

3 Smells:
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Falafel stands
  • Garbage

3 Sights:
  • Cats
  • Stone
  • Head coverings

3 Sounds:
  • Call to Prayer
  • Honking
  • Yelling
Will my senses ever be the same? What I wouldn't give for a drive up into the Utah mountains to hear nothing, smell snow, and see trees.

Oh, and I guess there is a new sound I can add. We are 99% sure that last night as we were heading to bed, there were several gun shots not too far from us - as in, less than a block away - surrounded by a bunch of yelling.

Not good for the nerves.

It makes me think of a stress management class I had to take in college to fill up some elective credit requirements. We practiced a lot of meditation and other stress reducing techniques. I could have used some of those last night.

But I was too stressed to think of any of them.


Jared and Tara said...

is it weird to think that you're probably going to miss a lot of those things in the not-so-distant future? well.. probably not the gun shots...or the smell of smoke...or trash. but i'm totally jealous that there are falafal stands everywhere and I have yet to even taste the stuff!

Crookshanks said...

Sounds a lot like East St. Louis.