Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking back at August

A horrible thing happened today.  I somehow erased the contents of my photo card.

That's what I get for procrastinating getting my photo organization done for, well... months.

I got a bunch of it back, but certainly not all.  I tried... oh, how I tried.

I lost the month of July in its entirety.  So, you'll just have to picture dance parties with all the Balderree grandkids and lots of swimming at Willard Bay.  We had some good times.

So although I have backed up all remaining pictures, I feel the need to quickly blog about our crazy month of August.  It felt like we were all over the place.

We did lots of driving, and saw beautiful scenery... (the spots you see are my dirty windshield)

We got to see a bunch of Tom's family, including his grandparents on the Montoya side...

And his grandparents on the Sowards side...

Finally landing in Austin, getting acquainted with all of our old things, and feeling at home in a nice, new, non-crusty, non-moldy apartment, WITH air conditioning.  August saw us become quite comfortable here....

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