Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playing catch up....

Three things -

1)  School

Both kids are now in school for the year.  Joni is in the local kindergarten all day and she LOVES it.  It's such a contrast to what school was like for her last year in Jerusalem.  Every single day was a huge struggle.  But now she gets excited when it's bed time because it means she's that much closer to going to school the next day.  When people ask her if she is liking school, she often says, "Yes, it's in English!"

First day

Also, some moms in the ward asked me if I would like to do Joy School with Jackson, so I jumped at the chance.  He loves it so far.  He feels all grown up.  Speaking of Jackson...

2)  Jackson's birthday

My baby is 3!  I can't get over how big he has gotten.  He loves to say hilarious things like, "Yes, sir!", "Oh my gosh", and "What-ev-er".

For his birthday he got a Superman costume, a train set, a new swimming ring floaty, and a little Cars container to hold his all important goldfish crackers.

This picture taken while he was opening his presents pretty much summarizes how thrilled he was all day.

Whenever Jackson or Tom is in need of a haircut, their thick hair starts sticking up in weird ways, especially first thing in the morning.  Joni says it looks like they have plants growing out of their heads. :)

The race car birthday cake

3)  Free time

If we ever have free time (and if Tropical Storm Hermine isn't crashing down on us), the kids' first preference for fun is swimming.  They LOVE it.


Jared and Tara said...

i'm so glad joni likes school! was it hard taking her that first day? and happy birthday jackson! he just gets cuter and cuter every year.

Stacey Wright said...

I made that exact cake for Calvin's 3rd birthday! Glad you guys are having fun there!