Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cousins Make My Kids Happy

My kids have been very lucky to have cousins their own age. Jackson has two cousins on my side of the family, and two cousins on Tom's side of the family. The picture above is Daniel (Kristin's), Jackson, and Lilly (Andrea's). The picture was taken this last weekend at the BBQ for Tom (all 3 of them are a little annoyed at the bright sun, which is why they're not looking too happy).

This is Jackson, Eva (Tara's), and Shaun David (Megan's), shortly after Shaun David's baby blessing this last Saturday.

This is Eva, Jackson, and Shaun David again, at the end of their stay this week. I really think Jackson is missing his cousins, which is what gave me the idea to do this post. He has been fussy ever since they left town. I thought several times as Jackson and Eva played together (quite well, actually) that they seemed to know each other. I think their sweet little spirits recognized each other and felt right at home. I hope they all turn out to be great friends, just as I am great friends with their parents. (I'm really missing them right now, by the way... wipe away tear, *sniff, sniff*)

And here is a picture that was taken at Easter of Joni and two of the cousins that are her age - Ava and Abby. Unfortunately we're missing one, Kendall, who was also born the same year but lives in Oregon. This picture demonstrates perfectly how much they love each other. They love to play together, and even call each other from time to time just to chat when they haven't seen each other in a while.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget second cousins - Dante Gabriel Valentin who was also born around the same time. He really misses you guys.

Amy S. said...

Thanks for mentioning him Jackie! We could never forget Dante! Hmmm... maybe I'll need to gather some pics of second cousins and make another adorable post :-)