Friday, October 31, 2008

Think about it....

Which one would you miss the most?

  • car
  • dishwasher
  • iron/ironing board (no way to iron your clothes, even for church)
  • Target + Walmart + Shopko
  • microwave
  • blender + handmixer + crockpot
  • TV
  • the absence of large machine guns on every corner
  • your books
  • flat iron/curling iron/hair dryer that works (well)
  • cheese and meat - TOGETHER
  • regular dish set (as in, more than a few plastic plates, a few spoons/forks, and ONE butter knife)
  • washing machine & dryer
  • mexican food
  • carpet
  • wall hangings...or any other home decor, for that matter
  • your mom
  • cheese that has FLAVOR
  • mountains
  • income
  • BYU football (Tom's suggestion)
  • grass
  • makeup that doesn't cost you your first born
  • a bank that actually lets you access your OWN money
  • (while we're on the subject, DECENT customer service)
  • 90% of your shoes
  • your native language (both spoken and written)
  • couches (seriously, couches! could you do without?!?)
  • clean neighborhood
Really, take a minute and think about, and I think I will feel better.

Because I miss them ALL.


Amy J. said...

I would miss most of those things! I can't imagine living somewhere without mountains. Lance has told me how drab the scenery is over there and believe me, I feel for you. You don't know how lucky you are until it's gone.

weezwhetten said...

Wow...we are spoiled, aren't we?

Mike, Elisabeth & Brian Balderree said...

I would miss all of those things except for BYU football. About the TV thing, have you tried the Netflix video streaming? We just tried it a few days ago and it seems to work pretty well.