Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Souk

A market here is called a souk (sounds like "sook"). For Tom's sake, I'll also let it be known that it can be spelled "souq". He insists it's more Semitic. In fact, he'll probably be irritated that my title has it spelled with a "k". He's funny like that.

ANYway, there is an awesome souk here in Jerusalem that is huge. Our branch president from church and his wife took me and the kids there last week because we had no idea where it was. I loved it so much I took Tom there yesterday (we walked for almost 4 hours straight - holy freakin' moly we were tired). It has a dizzying supply of fresh and dried fruit, nuts, oats, breads, kitchen supplies, meat, spices, and fish. It goes on for many city blocks, and is in a big tent-like structure.

Just a side not, Joni kept saying, "This place smells FUNKY!" She was tired but it sure made us laugh.

I'm wishing now that I would have taken a lot more pictures. These just don't cover it. So I'll have to post more next time we go.

See how it goes on for forever? Seriously cool.

Large mural just outside the souk (Joni is at the bottom left so you can see how big it is).

And for your viewing pleasure, I even took a quick video. I feel like it helps you get a better "feel" for it.....

Who is that handsome devil on the left at the end of the video? Oh, yeah, it's my incredibly good looking husband (he pays me to say that).

Speaking of Tom, when I had him proofread this, he started out, "Okaaaaay, the souk, with a 'k'". He was totally annoyed. See, I told you.


Jared and Tara said...

what a cool looking place!

Crookshanks said...

Please put this place on our tour itinerary. It looks like shopping paradise.


Megan said...

I love when you add videos! And that market kinda reminds me of China!