Friday, June 19, 2009


We spend a lot of time at the playground around here. We have a decent one that's not too far away, which also happens to be pretty clean for East Jerusalem. The kids love to go there every chance they get. Sometimes we go as a whole family, and other times the kids and I go with friends. Here's a compilation of a few different trips to the park....

Jackson and his friend Zoe who is the same age.

Joni, Zoe, and Ellie

He's such a boy.

Joni's favorite thing, by far, is the swings.


Megan G said...

Dang what cute kids. Jackson looks like a dare devil going down the slide head first! PS I love Joni's dress and Jackson's shoes! Where did you get them?

Shan said...

Your kids are cute.. Playground looks fun for them! That is always nice to kids would go everyday if they could!