Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The Town of Jesus"

*if you're reading this in google reader and can't see all the pics, you should be able to on the blog itself*

was a village that was built near the north shore of the Sea of Galilee and existed back in Christ's time. The scriptures suggest that Jesus went there to start his ministry after leaving Nazareth. This is where he performed miracles. I can't quite describe what it was like to see the ruins of a place where Jesus would have actually walked. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.

In the middle of the town is a synagogue that has been restored. For many years it was thought to have been the synagogue in which Jesus would have spoke. But more recently, some scholars have decided that it was probably built on top of the original ruins that were discovered underneath.

Tom reading the inscriptions on the columns....

One in Greek.....

This one in Latin.....

....still reading the inscriptions. I practically had to drag him away. We were melting in the sun.

he next several pictures are of the town itself which surrounded the synagogue. The walls were built from a form of volcanic rock, stone, and mud. They were considered humble dwellings, with many families sharing courtyards.

(That's the Sea of Galilee behind the trees).

There was most likely many villages in this area during Christ's time, so many believe that the reason he would have chosen Capernaum is because it was the home of Simon Peter and Andrew, his first disciples. There is a spot here that is believed to be the very spot that Peter's house would have been. Not much later, Christians built churches on top of it. The ruins of it now are in layers so you can see the different stages.

(a modern day Catholic church is built over top of the layers now, which is what you can see above it)

Beautiful statue of Simon Peter.

It was extremely hot that day and the kids were very good sports. These next two pictures are of Joni desperately seeking shade....

Lastly, here is an ancient olive press and an olive mill. These are authentic artifacts that were passed down for centuries...

Capernaum is officially one of my favorite places in the Holy Land. I was literally giddy with excitement the entire time. It was amazing to be standing in the village where Jesus healed a man of an unclean spirit, healed a woman of a fever, and healed the servant of a Roman Centurion. He would have walked the streets and taught at the synagogue. This amazes me.

But most of all, I am amazed at how real Christ is NOW. He is not just a story passed on through the generations. He is the literal Son of God, our Redeemer. He came to earth just like all of us are here right now. He was tempted. He suffered. He rose triumphant in the end so that as the rest of us went through our mortal existence, we would have a source of hope. We can turn to Him to work miracles in our lives just as the people of Capernaum did.


Crookshanks said...

Amy, the pictures are amazing. I feel like I'm watching "Planet Earth" or something! What a great experience.


Jared and Tara said...

it finally hit me. tom is SO cool! he's just like indiana jones or something. bow tie, manuscript reading-professor during the day, break out the leather jacket and cool hat and save the world at night.

amy- are you noticing tom disappearing and coming home with strange cuts and bruises?

sorry to blow your cover man.

Megan G said...

Wow that looks so awesome. I'm glad you are able to live in such an incredible place and share your experiences with us!