Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh, the wonders!

Today Joni was mourning, once again, the loss of a doll that her grandma tried to send to her last year that got lost in the mail.  I couldn't handle the tears for one more second, so I made her a promise.

I told her that for her birthday in October, we'll go get her a new doll and she can pick it out herself.

She was worried they wouldn't have the right doll.  So I explained to her that there are these stores called Target and WalMart that have a whole aisle of dolls.

She couldn't believe it.

I went on to explain that these stores are unlike anything she has seen here in Israel.  You can get anything you want.  You just get in the car (yay!) and drive for a few minutes, and then you're there.  The best part is that you can get anything you need.

Joni:  But, can you get cooking stuff, like food?

Me:  Yes.

Joni:  Can you get dishes??? *eyes getting wider*

Me:  Yes.

Joni:  Can you buy makeup there?!?

Me:  Yes.



K and M K said...

Hysterical! She's going to have quite the reverse culture shock coming back. BTW, Kyler and I would love to meet up with you (even if briefly) while you're in Utah! Let's find a time that works. :)

Mike Balderree said...

That is very funny. She is in for a real treat.

Kristine said...

I love it!! When are you coming back to the States again? Your almost done there right?

Shane and Geana said...

That is so awesome, you should video her reaction to the doll asile, she will be in shock! You are coming home so soon, good luck on your journey and I pray that it is easier than the one there!

taylor said...

Oh the joy of Target. Little Joni is in for a real treat! :)