Thursday, June 12, 2008

I know it's mean, but I've got the giggles

(Just as a precursor to this post, Tom has talked to two docs in our ward tonight and they both think it's just strained from too much weight-lifting, so you don't have to think I'm a mean old wife. And he says it doesn't hurt AT ALL).

OK people. Prepare yourselves. Today as we were on a family walk, Tom suddenly stops in the middle of the road and says, "Hey Amy, does the back of my arm look weird to you?" "Ummm, yeah!!!" Except for the hour or so tonight that he thought it was tendinitis (and thought his life would cease to exist because he wouldn't be able to weight-lift anymore), I have just plain had the giggles. The best was when Tom called his friend Jason and said on his voice mail, (in a teenager, skater-dude voice) "Hey buddy, you wanna see a freak show? My arm looks like Popeye dude. You've got to come over and see it." I don't know why, but it just made me laugh.

In case you're wondering what you're looking at, the little dent in the middle is where his elbow should be. Pay attention to the bottom of this picture where you can see the swelling come to an end. We're talking huge puffiness here. It reminds me of when my PIC-line went bad while in the hospital a couple years ago.

Me, Tom, and my sister Andrea (via phone) joked about it off and on for quite a while. I got giggling pretty hard. I was going to post all the little jokes here, but it's almost midnight, and what is funny tonight, might not be funny tomorrow. But one thing is for sure...something's not right with that arm.

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