Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've been tagged by Lori, and I loved reading hers. So here I go....

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I had just graduated high school, so I was getting ready to head off to Dixie. I worked at Convergys with Lori, and pretty much played, played, and played some more...all summer. Good times.

2. What was I doing 5 years ago? I was living in Provo and working at NuSkin, having been married 4 months before.

3. What was I doing 5 months ago? How the heck should I know? Hmmm, let's February I think I was just starting FlyLady. It was the beginning of a decluttering rampage, and the start to having a cleaner, more organized house. Other than that, I was just wiping tushies, doing dishes, and cooking...ya know, mom stuff. Oh! And how could I forget! We were nervously waiting to see what grad school Tom would get into. Our lives were soooo hanging in the balance, not knowing where we would be living in the fall.

4. 5 Things on my To-Do List:
(this is easy because I make lists for everything, everyday)
1- Completely wipe down and sanitize the high chair
2- Make my visiting teaching appointments
3- Get the package ready for Omi that I keep putting off and putting off and she probably thinks I am a big slacker!
4- Send off this month's bills
5- Bite the bullet and buy mine and Joni's plane tickets for October. It might kill me to spend that much money all in one shot, so that's why I keep putting it off - to live another day. :)

5. 5 Snacks I Enjoy..
1- peanut butter toast
2- bananas, cantelope - ok, pretty much any fruit
3- All-bran crackers with cottage cheese
4- Rice Plus and Flax Seed fruit smoothies
5- Fiber 1 granola bars - yum!!!

6. 5 things I would do if I became a Billionaire...
1- pay off all student loans and prepay all future tuition
2- tithing
3- pay off close friends' and families' houses
4- invest so my kids will have plenty of money for college
5- I need one fun one, so let's see... buy a ridiculously expensive car. Maybe even a "his" and "hers"! I've always like BMW's.....

7. 5 Bad Habits...
1- I lose my temper when Joni throws fits about going to bed. It just makes me so mad!
2- When going to bed at night I leave my dirty socks on the floor by the bed, then Tom comes and picks them up in the morning for me.
3- Whenever I have a million things to do that I don't want to, I like to surf the net and talk on the phone instead.
4- Diet Pepsi. Need I say more?
5- When I fold the laundry, I often leave it in nicely folded piles all over the place, that Tom puts away the second he gets home. Why oh why do I hate putting those simple piles away?

8. 5 Places I have lived...
1- Plain City
2- St. George
3- Salt Lake
4- The mish - so all over Missouri and Kansas
5- Provo
(OK, so these are all pretty boring, but Jerusalem will soon be on the list. Can that count?)

9. 5 Jobs I've Had...
1- ZCMI gift wrap department
2- Convergys
3- Dixie College Financial Aid Office
4- Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online
5- Nu Skin

10. 5 People I Tag..
1- Sarah
2- Megan
3- Tara (you don't post nearly enough, so here ya go) :)
4- Erin
5- Taylor

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