Wednesday, June 25, 2008


OK, I guess I'm done freaking out...for now ;)

Sara had an excellent idea on her blog to list some of the little things we're thankful for. Despite all the little worries that swim around in my mind at any given moment, I obviously have about five million things to be grateful for. I'll take a moment and name a few of the "little things"....

1) The Internet. I have been so grateful for all I have been able to learn about Israel (and just about anything else), just from the Internet. Tom teases me because anytime some weird, random question comes up, he says, "I'm sure Amy will Google it!" And I do. I can't stand to not know the answer to something. I've also loved becoming more connected to people through blogs, emails, and the like.

2) My happy, happy kids. They are both so darn funny, and light up my life every single day. I often wonder how on earth we ended up with TWO wonderful kids. Anyone who knows them, knows how special they both are.

3) My blanket, "fluff". I know it's juvenile, but I soooo love that thing, and I'm sad it's on its last string. I think the next time it needs washing, it'll just have to go in the garbage. It is therefore banned from kids or husband at the moment. I'm going to have to throw some kind of good-bye ceremony for it when I leave this fall. It will make some landfill out there very happy, comfy, and warm :) :) :)

4) Despite my last post, I am VERY grateful for Tom getting into Hebrew U. A few weeks before he officially got accepted, we both started to feel very strongly that we are supposed to be in Israel. The Spirit is my biggest comfort - He reminds me regularly that we are on the Lord's errand and going in the right direction (so why did I feel the need to freak out you ask? I just had a moment, okay!)

5) Weight Watchers shredded cheese. I love the stuff. I can put a good 1/3 c. on whatever I please, and it's only 2 points.

6) My cell phone! I'm sure I'm going to get brain cancer from it someday, but I love that I can call Tom any time, day or night, and always find him. Same goes for my mom and my sisters.

7) Google Reader. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. It allows you to quickly check for new posts on all your favorite blogs, in an instant. Saves me a LOT of time.

Some of these are silly, but I really do feel so blessed, in so many ways. I have the best husband a girl could ask for, and he is living his dream. We have the gospel, wonderful families, and a very exciting future in front of us!

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Erin said...

Did you have that blanket in high school?