Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All parents do dumb things, all parents make stupid why is it that Tom and I feel so guilty?

Maybe because BOTH of our kids have knots on their heads.

Jackson has literally fallen on his head four or five times (lost track) in the last several days.

I'm even brave enough to show the evidence.

So sad.

This little dandy was acquired when he landed head first out of his stroller, onto the grocery store floor.

We don't even know how Joni got hers - any time we ask her, she says something different.

On a happy note....

As I've mentioned before, Jackson has an abundantly good appetite. Food is a very serious matter for him. He often talks to and yells at his food before he eats it. If you're feeding him yourself (as opposed to him just stuffing things in his own mouth) he will begin to yell at you for the next bite, before the current one is completely swallowed.

With that in mind, I have to share this quick video. We had given him several falafel balls on a plate (yes, on the floor - no highchair, remember), so he stuffed them all in his mouth and crawled off to play. As you can see from the video, the balls kept spewing out, unable to stay put, and he would shove them back in. What he's doing here is not necessarily unusual for him - I just felt like capturing it this time....

Oh, how I LoVe that little man.


Jared and Tara said...

hahaha....i LOVE the video! that is one big whopper on jacksons head.

Amy J. said...
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Amy J. said...

WOW! Good bump! Back in the day I would have been proud to show off a bump like that to all my friends.
Ellie didn't even get a bump from her head accident. I however, now have a file started on me to make sure I'm not abusing my kid.