Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just have to take a moment to recognize Heavenly Father and the many miracles He offers us.

Miracle #1 - He helped us find my passport. I really think this came straight from Heavenly Father. I felt the Spirit tell me that He was helping those airport workers find it. I am so grateful.

Miracle #2 - He helped us find my luggage. As miserable as it was to wear those disgusting clothes for several days, I am so grateful we eventually found the luggage. I can't explain how hard it is to get all your belongings into five suitcases, and then have three of those suitcases go missing. I didn't know what I was going to do. It wasn't like I could just run to WalMart and Target and restock myself up on everything. A lot of our shopping here will be done in the Old City, and when you don't have a car, that's a lot of walking just to stock up on the basics. It would have been months before I had all the necessities in order.

Miracle #3 - He helped us find a place to live. This was so clearly a miracle from the Lord. It's a long story, but Tom has been looking for weeks, and nothing he found felt quite right. But I KNEW there was a place that Heavenly Father had prepared for us, and that when we found it, it would feel right. We finally got into married student housing, and it's such a blessing. The location is a million times better than the other places we had looked at. It's also much cheaper, which is huge when you're living off student loans. The Lord softened hearts for this to happen...not very long ago, this place wasn't really even an option for us because of the decisions of others. Now we're here. (It was so last minute that we actually had to stay in a hotel that first night we were here. It was in the Old City. Can you say "culture shock"???)


Kelli Colleen said...

sounds like a horror film! Glad you made there...safely! Love you tons

Megan said...

So glad things worked out with housing. Can't WAIT to see pics! What exactly is the "old" city like? Have you and the kids adjusted to the time difference yet?

Cyndy said...

Hi Amy, Tom, Joni & Jackson

Whoa...what a story! I have actually had most of those things happen to me during the duration of my motherhood (sans the traveling to a foreign country), but never all at once! I was in tears for you, Amy. I'm trying to remember just how all my many, many prayers were stated, and I think I asked that you would be able to handle everything well (check), that people would help you (check), that you and the children would arrive safely (check) and that Tom would be there to meet you (check). I guess the "make it easy" request was a no-go! (Tell the truth, when Tom wasn't in sight at the airport, I'll bet you were cursing the "Slow-ards gene!!!)

We are grateful for the miracle of your housing situation also. We are anxious to hear the whole story.

I just saw on a calendar that today is Yon Purim. Isn't that the most holy day of the Jewish year?

We love you guys.

Cyndy (Mom)