Monday, October 27, 2008

Joni's "Utah" birthday

Before I post pictures of Joni's real birthday, I thought I'd share some pictures of her "Utah" birthday we had for her about a month ago.

Knowing that we would be in Jerusalem for Joni's big #4, we decided to let her have a little party in Utah before we left. So we invited her two little cousins her age that live nearby, Abby and Ava, and took them to Jungle Jim's Playland in Salt Lake. They had a ball!

First, we had a picnic at a park.

Then we busted up a pinata (okay, the kids hardly made a dent - my sister Kristin finally ended up whacking it to death).

The girls loved all the rides. It's like a Six Flags, but for 4 year-olds. Awesome.

Kristin being a good sport.

Bumper cars.

Joni, Abby, and Ava with Grandma and Grandpa.

The babies were very patient. We basically just stayed and stayed until the girls had had their fill of rides and fun. Here is Jackson giving Grandma a "love".

Jackson starting to get veeeery tired.

The look on Joni's face here sums up the day she had. I think she rode the merry-go-round about ten different times, and she was ecstatic about it every time.


Cameron, Shannon Voge said...

Awww, your kids are too cute! And Happy Birthday Joni! (This is Shannon by the way... in case you wonder which one of us is leaving these comments! Especially since Cameron only sees our blog because it's our "home page" on our computer! ha ha.)

Jared and Tara said...

dude! i want to go to this place! that looks like the funnest ever!