Saturday, March 7, 2009

Big day

Today was a big day for Jackson, but a sad day for the Relief Society of the Jerusalem Branch. They lost the ever-so-handsome Jackson, who they have loved and adored for 5 months. Each week it became a contest between the Jerusalem Center students to see who got to spend the most time with him during Relief Society. That's right, Jackson is officially in the...


Look at that handsome little devil.

They just don't get any cuter.

I'm telling you, this kid knows how to work it. He has all the students wrapped around his little finger. I had several of them come up to me today and ask where Jackson was. They were sad to hear that he is now in the nursery.

Sorry ladies. It is now time for you to step aside and let Jackson work it with the girls his own age.

And trust me, he will.


Crookshanks said...

I agree, they don't come any cuter.
(Of course, the fact that he looks just like his dad would explain that!) It's hard to believe that he is in the nursery already...and standing up, too.


taylor said...

Okay. He is SO dang cute!!

Megan said...

WHAT a stud. Oh I could just eat him up. I don't know, he looks an awful lot like you too, Amy... he's got the best of both worlds I guess!

Devon said...

LOL, he is such a doll. Too cute!!

Jared and Tara said...

what a HUNK! go get 'em jackson!