Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I believe in MIRACLES

  • I think I am used to being here. The smells, the shopping, this apartment, the people, even not having a car, all feel normal after only 5 months.
  • I killed a spider the other day, before my fear killed me first.
  • My parents are both still alive, despite my mom having leukemia for almost 7 years, and my dad having 7-bypass surgery a few months ago.
  • I hardly EVER drink caffeinated beverages anymore (I know, I know, you've heard that one before - but this time it might stick).
  • We may have a washer and dryer soon.
  • A mammoth cockroach that Tom put in the toilet alive, survived close to 20 flushings over the course of MANY hours (okay, not a miracle in my world, but I'm sure it was in Mr. Roach's).
  • I didn't strangle Jackson yesterday, despite the fact that he made about a MILLION disasters in my house, all in one day.
  • My kids consider Jerusalem their new normal.
  • To my knowledge, all packages that have been sent to us have actually made it here.
  • I haven't died of homesickness for my sisters.....yet.
  • Yoplait makes a strawberry cheesecake yogurt that is darn near close to being as good as the real thing.
  • And lastly (and pretty close to my favorite), my husband cleaned out the fridge the other day.......

Latex gloves, hat, and all.


Kristin Aiello said...

So, Amy, I just have one question. Do you clean all day long or just clean up everything all at once at the end of the day?

Amy S. said...

Haha! That's the question of the century isn't it? If it's food, I clean it up right away. If it's other things, it just depends. I have to say though, Kristin, that he still doesn't make as big of messes as Daniel. Daniel takes the cake! :)

Josh and Gloriana said...

these blogs make me miss you! I am jealous of your adventures abroad. I wish I had known about blogs when I was living in Europe- I just love reading yours!

taylor said...

Those are some pretty good reasons to believe in miracles. ;)

Crookshanks said...

And who says that the day of miracles is over?

The Mendoza Family said...

Hi Amy!
It's Supa from BBC. I hope you don't mind that i looked at your blog. What a darling little family you have! And I think it's only fair that you see my blog too! But I'm not very good at keeping it updated, and I mostly have just pics on it. Anyway, it's
I just wanted to write you a quick note to say that I appreciate all the help you've given me. Priceless, you know. Thank you so much. You are really incredible!!