Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Special" brownies

My life shifted up a notch today. We are officially the proud owners of a washer and dryer!!! Some GENEROUS people in our branch got them for us, and we will forever be in their debt. As George from Seinfeld would say, "I'm busting!" No more spending most of our Fridays doing our laundry at a laundromat that costs a fortune and ruins half of our clothes! Yippeee!!

We even have a microwave that the Jerusalem Center was getting rid of. Can you imagine? We have a stove, microwave, AND washer/dryer.

But we're still using our trusty ol' toaster oven to do all of our baking. It's a great little appliance, and it works better for most things than you would expect. I've only had one complaint, really. It doesn't make good brownies. I've tried them twice and they come out funky.

I was telling my parents this a couple of days ago while we were talking on Skype, and my dad was on the case. He immediately started googling for a solution. He ended up sending me a couple of links to websites so that I could finally make brownies in my toaster oven.

So once we were done talking I opened up the first link that was entitled "special" brownies. I thought, "Oh, this recipe must be good." It was clearly a recipe for students because it talked about using a toaster oven in your dorm and not getting caught. To my surprise, at the bottom of the ingredient list was "WEED"!!!! These weren't special brownies because they were tasty, or simple, or a recipe that was handed down for generations! My dad sent me a recipe for weed brownies! Tom and I laughed until we cried. When I told dad, he laughed so hard his chest hurt.

My dad will tell you that he didn't mean to send me such a recipe, but I'm not so sure. You see, my dad has always enjoyed putting strange ingredients in his recipes. He is famous for his candy sprinkles that he sneaks into his scrambled eggs. And don't even get me started on the time we found graham crackers and marshmellows in the eggs while on a family camping trip.

Maybe we need an intervention for you, dad. Candy sprinkles is the new gateway drug to marijiana, you know.


gbug29 said...

That is the funniest story ever. Your dad is so funny, I love that man.

Crookshanks said...

That is a great story, Amy! I laughed and laughed (and then I had to explain to Emma what "weed" was).


Megan said...

Your dad is a hoot! (Congrats on the new washer and dryer, by the way!)