Monday, March 2, 2009

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

I know I've posted pictures before of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but as I was going through all my photos from the last several months, I remembered that there was one specific time that we went there where I took several extra pictures and a couple of videos. So I thought I would share. Just to recap what I think I've said before, this church is the place where a lot of Christians believe Christ was both killed and buried. It's inside the current walls of the Old City. Although the LDS church believes the Garden Tomb to be the correct place, I still find this building to be an amazing place to visit for a number of reasons.

A video of the outside front entrance. The ladder that I zoom in on has been in that spot since the mid 1800's because no one can agree on whose responsibility it is to take it down. The building is owned by several different Christian churches and there have been numerous disputes over different parts of the structure.

Here is the "stone of the anointing" where they believe Christ's body was prepared for burial. People bow to this spot and kiss the stone.

There are a ton of little doors all throughout the church. I find them all fascinating and wish so bad I could just have the place to myself for an hour so I could explore all the different little corners and secrets.

One of many murals inside.

A monk checking the candles.

The domed ceiling in the middle. The "dome of the rotunda" was completed by the end of the 4th century, built directly over the place thought to be Christ's tomb.

One of many alters - each of them seem to be from a different church.

Here is a quick video of the inside.


Kristin Aiello said...

That is so fun. Thanks for sharing.

Devon said...

Hi Amy! Thank you so much for posting this...I have been curious about it! It's much larger than I imagined...