Saturday, May 8, 2010

City of David, Part 1

The City of David was one of the places I had never been before Mom and Becky came, so I took more pictures than I have been at the other places.  It was pretty amazing.  The City of David covers the very oldest part of Jerusalem, and it's all outside the current Old City walls.  It was a city originally built by the Jebusites thousands of years ago, and then conquered by David.  David wasn't allowed to build the temple at that time, but his son Solomon did.  The city is on the slope south of the Temple Mount and they occupied it until about 600 years before Christ, which is when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem.  So for you Mormonites out there, this would have been the Jerusalem that Lehi would have left from before it was destroyed.

Our tour guide explaining things before we start.

Joni and one of our best buddies, April, with their 3D glasses on after the introductory movie.

Looking up to the Temple Mount from the City of David.

Joni with some ancient ruins in the background.

Heading down into more ruins.

Just chillin' underground. :)

The beginning of Hezekiah's tunnel, although we didn't end up going through it because we had Joni with us and we didn't want to be wet the rest of the day.

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