Friday, May 14, 2010

Food surprises

One of the things my sister loved doing while here was try new foods.  On our way home from the Galilee area we stopped to get some dinner.  There were a few different eating places close together that we could choose from.  Becky decided on a salmon and cheese sandwich.  Once she sat down to eat it, she realized the salmon was raw.  She was pretty freaked out, but we had a good laugh over it.

My mom and I were trying to go the cheaper (and more kid friendly) route by getting hamburgers.  They told us (in very broken English) that it was cheaper to buy the burgers together.  So we ordered me, Mom, and Joni a hamburger in a meal deal.  When we picked it up we saw that it came with a huge pile of fries, then onion rings, then cut up hot dogs on top!
Sometimes it's fun to see what you actually ordered when you can't read the menu.  We didn't even come close to eating it all.

But Joni went to town with her hamburger.  She was so pleased with how good it tasted.  Ahhhh, the simple things.

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Megan G said...

Anything with hot dogs on top is Tim's dream! :) So did Becky actually eat that sandwich??