Friday, May 14, 2010

Sea of Galilee

My mom, sister, Joni, and I had a great trip up to the Galilee area for a couple of days.  A friend of mine suggested a cabin to stay in that overlooks the Sea.  We got there late at night, so we had no idea what the view looked like.  This is what we woke up to the in the morning....

Grandma Joni and Little Joni took full advantage of the hammock in the front yard.

Later in the day we drove around the Sea and saw the sites.

Joni put her feet in the water.

I settled for putting my hand in. :)

Our favorite was a boat ride out onto the Sea.  We were with a little Christian group from England and they were so sweet.  Once we got out in the middle of the water, they turned off the engine and had a little service.  Then we all sang "How Great Thou Art".  It was one of the most amazing moments I've ever experienced.

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Megan G said...

That last picture of you and Joni is one of my favorites!