Saturday, May 8, 2010

City of David, Part 2

Towards the end of the tour, the guide had us sit and wait on some steps while some others caught up.  So we hung out there for a while, and then when the guide came back, he explained that the steps we were sitting on were only recently discovered, and they were 2000 year old steps that led to the pool of Siloam.  Say WHAAAA?  Only in Jerusalem.

Joni striking a pose on the steps.

This was the landing outside the pool.  Those stones were there 2000 years ago!

The guide showing us a picture of what the pool would have looked like.

Becky going up from the pool on the steps that led all the way up to the Temple Mount. 

The thing that makes these step so amazing, is that they are the ACTUAL steps that were there during Christ's time, and we KNOW that.  A lot of the sites you see here are either debated among scholars as to whether or not they are the actual place, and/or they are about 20 feet above the level of  Jerusalem's streets 2000 years ago. 

It's pretty amazing to know you've walked where the Savior would have walked.  No debating.  Those steps WERE how people walked from the pool to the temple.

At the end of the tour, back up at the top.  Jojo did amazingly well.  She walked for several hours and was so fun and happy to have with us.  I hope she remembers some of this cool stuff. :)


ted1207 said...

Great experiences, and just who is that cute little girl? I think I know.

Crandpa (Grandpa)

Megan G said...

That is pretty amazing to be where you are.