Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What to do?

Tom and I are feeling a little stressed. We're trying to make a big decision. Tom's against a huge deadline - it's called homelessness. He gets kicked out of his dorm TOMORROW. He takes his big final in the morning, and then he has to be out by 4:00.

He has been looking desperately for an apartment for weeks now. He has seen a bunch of them, and has it down to two at this point, both of which he wouldn't be able to move into for another week or so. They both have very strong pros and cons. I'll break it down....

#1 - Beautiful green neighborhood, lots of stuff to do, close to a lot of shopping, museums, parks, etc. But the apartment itself is kind of so-so. It's a little cramped, and a little more expensive. And not close at all to school and church. So when I'm home with the kids all day, I would have more than enough stuff to do out and about because the surroundings are great, but inside we might feel cramped, and it would be quite a chore to get to church every Saturday.

#2 - Very "gray" neighborhood - we're talking not a stitch of grass or any trees. No parks, no nothin'. We probably wouldn't be around many, if any at all, English speakers. And I don't think there would be any good possibilities for sending Joni to preschool. BUT, inside the apartment itself, it's huge and spacious and beautiful. And the biggest thing is that it's also close enough to church and school that we could easily walk there. Oh, but did I mention there's a trash burning place right behind the apartment? So I could maybe fool myself every day that I'm living in luxury, but I would be quickly knocked back into reality if I stepped too close to the back windows, because I would instantly smell the burning trash. But then again, it wouldn't take forever and a day to get to church.

You with me here? Do you see what I mean now by "strong" pros and cons?

What to do?

Please pray for us. It's a huge decision, and it could go either way. We feel very strongly that the Lord has prepared a place for us to live, where we can grow the most, and do the most good...but we feel a little lost at the moment.

P.S. Cyndy, just so you don't worry too much, we do think he has a place to stay for the next few days. But after that....yup, you guessed it. Homeless.

It's decision time people!


Sarah said...

Well, I know you didn't exactly ask for my two cents, but here ya go, take it or leave it: location, location, location! I think in the long run you'll be happier with a place that's located in a nicer, more comfortable area, even if you have to come up with some clever ways to make the smaller space inside work. There's lots of furniture out there that does double duty, and plenty of smart storage solutions. Good luck with your decision! :)

Danielle said...

Hi there! Danielle from BBC popping in to check on you!! I have to say that I agree with Sarah. I think it would be easier to make it work in apt #1 than in apt #2 but that's just my 2 cents.

Megan said...

Sorry I am just now commenting on this one... I would probably pick #1 also. We have been praying mucho for you guys!

Jared and Tara said...

i'll keep my opinion to myself since you probably already chose anyway. :) we forgot to check the mail for a few days so thank jo-jo for the letter! i don't think a letter from us would get there in time :(. it was BEAUTIFUL jojo!