Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ogden Temple

Just playing a little catch-up on pictures. Joni loves to look at temples, so when we were on our way to the library a couple weeks ago, we drove past the Ogden Temple and Joni begged to go walk around. We couldn't at the time, but I promised her we would later. So trying to cram in as many memories as possible before the big move, Andrea and I took Joni and Ava to walk around the temple grounds last week. They looked so cute in their little summer dresses.

Joni's mother needs to teach her to keep her legs together like a real lady. Oh, wait, I guess that would be me. Never mind.

We took them to Farr's ice cream afterward, because with it being less than a block away, how can you pass that up?

This picture is not turned sideways. Lily is just leaning over that far. Take notice at the cone in each hand, and the dripping ice cream on her face. She couldn't be any happier.


Chad and Kristine said...

What a fun day at the temple. When are you and the kids heading over there? That will be such an adventure.

For previous post I would say apt #1. It is amazing what you can do with small spaces. How far is FAR to church? Maybe that is just a little more extra exercise for everyone right? ;)

Taylor said...

Such precious pictures! And I was cracking up about your comment of Joni's sitting funny! :)

Megan said...

I love the un-lady like Jojo pic. Gosh she is growing up.

Jared and Tara said...

this post made me want ice cream. jojo looks like she's getting TALL!