Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Happenings

  • I hate (I know it's a strong word but it's true) heat and humidity.  I am DREADING the hot weather that I know is coming.  I think about it every single day and am trying to thoroughly enjoy the currently mild weather while it lasts.
  • The above statement is a bad thing considering we think we're moving to Texas this fall for Tom to start his PhD program.  But mark my words, our next apartment WILL have air conditioning.  For every other reason besides the heat, we are out of this world excited to go there.
  • Joni is out of school for 2-1/2 weeks for Passover and I might go a little crazy.  I love that girl to death, but she never, and I mean never, stops talking.  I would say she got that from me, but prefer to put the blame on my mother.
  • I look wretched these days.  I feel like I wear the same clothes every day and I've only had my hair cut once since getting here (I think I've mentioned this before, so maybe "these days" isn't quite accurate - maybe "still" would be better).  When I think of the perfect prissiness of Utah I tremble in fear.
  • I think there is such a thing as defective beans.  I briefly boiled some white beans yesterday, soaked them all night, and I have now been boiling them for 7-1/2 hours.  They are just barely starting to soften.  The internet says to boil white beans for 2-3 hours, and if the internet says it, by gosh it should true.
  • I cannot wait to go to Cafe Rio.  Or the chiropractor.  Or the salon.  Or Target!  Ohhhh, Target.
  • My kids had the F-word screamed at them today for no apparent reason.  If there wasn't a fence in the way, I fear Tom would have caused permanent damage to their faces.
  • Jackson thinks he's Superman.  We can't find him a cape here, so he's currently using bibs put on backwards.


Jared and Tara said...

oh amy you crack me up. I sincerely doubt you look wretched. Please tell me you've taken a picture of Jackson with the bib on backwards. :)

Shane and Geana said...

When you post things like that about Cafe Rio and Target I realize how spoiled we are, man I cant even fathom how excited you must be!!!

Stacey Wright said...

Logan is almost as bad, then. No Target here. :) Between Jerusalem and Texas, can we please see you?

Kristine said...

I can I just say I love to hear about your adventures! Surviving without A/C would be brutal though.

What part of Texas ya heading to?

oooo..I do have the recipe for the Cafe Rio chicken, though. Ya want it?
email me.

Josie said...

Amy--I love reading about your life!
I agree on the defective beans...mine were black though.
I agree about cafe rio. and the SALON. I once went almost 18 months without a haircut. Mainly because I don't know how to say things such as "frizzy" "layers" "bangs" in Russian.
I agree about the perfect prissiness of utah. I was horrified to find that my cousin got a boob job. She was horrified to realize I didn't even notice.
I think Jackson is Superman too. He should use a pillowcase attached together with a hair clip. It worked for us :)
My nephew is at the BYU center. Did I tell you this? His name is Steven S. Are you in his ward?

Amy S. said...

I tried the pillowcase first thing this morning (wasn't even sure if I had an extra pillowcase, but I found one!) and he loves it. We have no safety pins, but an old hair clip seems to work. He hasn't taken it off in hours.

Stacey, we should be in Utah for about 6 weeks or so. Our fly home date is June 28th!

Kristine, we'll be in Austin. I do have a Cafe Rio chicken recipe but it's just not the same. And we miss the dressing - there are no tomatillos here. Booo. :(

Josie, about the haircut thing, you are spot on! The one salon I've been to is run by 9 Palestinian brothers. They're nice as pie but don't speak a lick of English. And I know I've met a couple of Stevens (I think there are 3 this semester?). One even came to our house for FHE a few weeks ago. I'll have to ask Tom which one it was. Oh, and all the students are in our branch. Hope you're staying safe - I'm so sorry to hear about all the crap going on in Moscow right now.

Megan G said...

Sorry about the heat... summer is pretty much already here too. We so get jipped on spring weather! But at least we don't have to deal with the humidity on top of that like you guys! Hey so it's for sure about TX??
Ditto about a picture of super Jackson!